Savage Lust

Author: Gabriella Bradley

Publisher: Extasy Books

Release Date: December 15, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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The only person who could have anticipated the sort of upheaval the reading of John Douglas’ last will and testament will cause is the man himself – and he isn’t here to explain his reasoning.

Chad, Sam and Johnny are not just grieving, they’re pissed.  Their father’s will comes as a complete surprise – rather than leaving them his estate and ranch, he left the whole kit and caboodle to some woman they’ve never even met.  In fact they had no knowledge of her existence whatsoever before the lawyer gives them the startling news.   According to the will they’ll each receive a generous yearly allowance and be allowed to live on the ranch for life.  Chad knows the will is ironclad so contesting it won’t do any good – but he can make Topaz’s life so miserable she won’t want to stay.


Topaz Fiero has no idea why Daddy John, as she knew John Douglas, left her everything in his will.  She wasn’t even aware that he owned a ranch or anything about his life when he’s not visiting with her and her mother.  She’s brokenhearted over his unexpected passing but determined to make the most of this opportunity she’s been given.  Her biggest concern is the sort of reception she’s going to get and that’s probably a good thing because she’d be sadly mistaken if she thought the Douglas’ brothers were going to greet her with open arms.


Topaz doesn’t expect the Douglas brothers to be overjoyed at her arrival but she hadn’t expected the outright looks of disdain mixed with some good old fashion lust.  Apparently it’s a potent combination because she can’t stop imaging what it would be like to be loved by any one of them – or all of them for that matter.  Johnny and Sam are more accepting of her presence in their lives but Chad wants nothing to do with her and it infuriates him that his brothers are practically salivating at the sight of her.  There’s no denying that she’s a beauty but as far as he’s concerned she’s stolen their birthright. Never mind that nagging question about who was she to their father – a lover, daughter, friend?


SAVAGE LUST is emotionally charged and action packed from beginning to end.  The attraction between Topaz, Johnny, Sam and Chad is obvious but it’s overshadowed by the mistrust and anger the brothers’ feel thanks to their father’s will.  I love how Topaz doesn’t back down from the challenge of learning everything she can about the ranch despite Chad’s disagreeable attitude and doesn’t shy away from her attraction to any of the men.  In addition to the lust present throughout this novel, Gabriella Bradley has a notable amount of suspense and even a paranormal element so as a reader you’re kept guessing at what will happen next.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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