The Vampire and the Man-eater
By jhayboy
Mar 9, 2009 - 8:00:54 AM

The weekends are meant for fun and stock broker Brock Hart intends to enjoy them every chance he gets for as long as he can. His favorite haunt is the local gay club where he fulfills all his lust for all the eye candy he wants. Brock is adamant that the Rules of Relationships don’t apply to him and everyone at the club is fair game, that is until he becomes the eye candy for someone who won’t take no for an answer.

Sexy vampire Daniel Wolf is old world in everything that he says and does. When he spies Brock in the crowed club he goes after him with a swiftness that surprises not only Brock but his friends as well. Daniel knows what he wants and he wants Brock with an intensity that excites and frightens the man at the same time.


They quickly start a relationship of sorts and both want more, but with Brock being a mere mortal and Daniel fearing living forever without Brock, will the fragile strings of love be enough to seal this union forever?


It’s always a thrill reading a G.A. Hauser book and THE VAMPIRE AND THE MAN-EATER is no less than what you would expect from this wonderful author.


Brock is just fun and all about the game, he rarely think beyond his own satisfaction, when he meets Daniel it’s shocking and it’s a dream for him and he wants more. Daniel is living in a fantasy with Brock and wants the chance to have it all with him, but the laws of nature dictates that he will outlive Brock, can the love they have for each other pave the way to their happiness?


A fun read, with characters you will fall in love with, Brock’s fun loving attitude is easily addictive and Daniel’s old world charm is cute. Fans of Ms. Hauser be prepared for a great read.

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