Gabriel's Angel
By Red
May 1, 2006 - 8:01:00 AM

Ivy Drummond lives a simple life on the Georgia coast. Routine is the lifeline that keeps her existence. Being the granddaughter of light keeper holds all she keeps true inside. Having the beauty of the sea at her disposal and the freedom of life is her passion. While the sea holds its beauty it also has a gloomy loneliness that she longs to escape. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and this beauty only adds to her pain.

Lieutenant Gabriel Hampton has had a hard life filled with secrets and pain he must try to overcome. Having been set up due to an unfair decision his life would have been confined to a prison. He escapes the prison ship alone and wounded. His anger at the unjust life he has been given only makes it worse when he gets to shore and wakes up to the face of an angel. Her beauty only adds to his confusion and built up aggression. She shouldn't be so special so caring, so good but she is and that threatens to tear down walls he has built for his own safety that and past transgressions.

Wow wow wow, this story is so powerful and so expressive. Ms. Thomason has done an excellent job of bringing the reader into her story, having them stand next to the characters and see what they see. It's descriptive, it's beautifully written with heartfelt pain for the secrets and the life that threatens these two characters. A definite must read with a perfect Blue Ribbon rating of five.

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