Gaining Interest

Author: Dara Girard

Publisher: BET Publications, LLC/Arabesque

Release Date: May 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Travers is an aspiring lingerie designer who is not having much luck.  She is definitely spending much more money than she is taking in. Her friend, Cassie advised she  should see her brother-in-law, Eric, the financial advisor for help. Adriana is divorced and has a daughter, Nina   but she  gave custody of Nina to her ex-husband, Laurence.   He is rich and Adriana felt he could raise Nina better. Laurence is engaged. Plans don't always work out.

Eric Henson made plans to give his girlfriend an engagement ring at midnight on his birthday. As he was born at midnight , it was special to him, so he thought this would be the perfect time. He did not have the traditional speech ready, but just planned on presenting his girlfriend the ring.  His sister Jackie sent a surprise to the office.  Eric was not amused.  Adriana convinced Eric to go out for drinks to help celebrate his birthday.  While they are out, they run into his girlfriend.   Plans don't always work out.

Can two people who absolutely do not get along but have friends and relatives in common, make it as a couple?  Will her spending drive him absolutely crazy?   Will his coldness drive her to drink?  Why did giving up her daughter, stay on her mind? Does her daughter really dislike her?

GAINING INTEREST is a stand alone book but a slight continuation of TABLE FOR TWO.  Eric is the younger brother of Drake, and Adriana is the best friend of Cassie from TABLE FOR TWO.  They are mentioned frequently in this book, and do get together. I hope Dara Girard does a third book in this series on the young sister, Jackie , as these two men spoil her rotten.   Jackie has played some tricks on them, but Jackie deserves her turn at love.

GAINING INTEREST definitely has its sexual high points.  Eric seems to be a very interesting lover.  For this man to take on what he does, I commend him.  I will be happy to read whatever Ms. Girard writes.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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