Game, Set, Match

Author: Nana Malone

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: August 12, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: PRINT

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Izzy Connors has raised Nick, who is now fourteen.  Although she has tried time and again to adopt him, the courts have not allowed it. They use excuses such as race, since Nick is white and Izzy is black, wanting to get mother and son reunited, although Nick’s mother, Sabrina, is a druggie who only makes rare appearances, usually when she is in trouble, and income. Besides raising Nick, Izzy works as a photographer, known as Z Con.  Her agent, Simon, believes that the two of them would make a perfect pair, but although she appreciates all the help he has given her with her photos, she does not love him, nor can she imagine him as a husband. For the past two years, Simon has worked hard to advance her career, moving her up further than she should be. Izzy has even done some jobs with Sports Illustrated, though working with celebrities is not her favorite thing to do.  Some of the celebrities were alright, but most of them treated her like the hired help, and she had a hard time controlling her tongue.  She has a gallery opening in three months, thanks to Simon, but he has promised forty pieces and with everything going on she doesn’t know if that is possible. Recently, she received a call that Nick’s mother would be returning in a month, and in two weeks, she has her scheduled meeting with the family court judge.

Jason Cartwright is a famous tennis player, but due to his recent knee surgery, he is sitting on the sidelines.  The paparazzi claim that he and actress Cienna Dunst are engaged, but it is totally false.  After they had only gone out a few times, their pictures were suddenly on the cover of US Weekly with details of a Malibu wedding.  Even when he went to therapy, he was surrounded by paparazzi.  His one prize possession was a photo by Z Con, although he knows very little about the photographer. Since that acquisition, he has fallen in love with the artist’s work, and he has every Homeland book that Z Con has put out. So when his manager Aaron Banks, trying to keep Jason in the spotlight, sets up a photo session through Sports Illustrated with Z Con, Jason could not turn it down. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and work with his favorite photographer.


Showing up for a meeting with Z Con, Jason is shocked to discover that the photographer is really Izzy, the girl he had been in love with fifteen years ago.  However, he had let her down by walking away from her, although he had never forgotten her.  He is even more shocked when he sees the young blonde teenager call her ‘mom’.  He still did not understand how he had chosen Sabrina over Izzy.  Seeing Izzy again, Jason is desperate to have a second chance with her.  As they spend time together, Izzy begins falling in love with him all over again, despite her better judgment.  After all, she has seen the tabloids plastered with his picture partying with starlets. He has the reputation of being a party-goer and is know for his fear of commitment. Even as Jason and Izzy hide from the paparazzi, and end up with a very intimate picture of their own on the front page, she still harbors hopes for their relationship.  But Sabrina has been getting money from him to keep his secret from Izzy, and Sabrina has secrets of which not even Jason is aware.  This time, Nick, the son of Izzy’s heart, could be the one getting hurt.  How will Izzy react to Jason’s deception?  Will this be the end of their relationship, or will she come out the winner…GAME, SET, MATCH?


Titillating and heartwarming, GAME, SET, MATCH is a delightful contemporary romance that will touch your heart.  Although Izzy is not Nick’s biological mother, she has been raising him for many years and loves him as much as any real mother could.  Wonderfully enhanced with a poignant plot, compelling characters, humor, secrets, blazing hot sex scenes, surprising plot twists and plenty of love, this story is brought to life right before your eyes by the appealing writing style of author Nana Malone.  I recommend GAME, SET, MATCH to anyone looking for a terrific story with plenty of spice.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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