Game for Anything

Author: Bella Andre

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: July 22, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Ty Calhoun is a very successful quarterback; in fact he has just won the Super Bowl for his team, the San Francisco Outlaws. Unfortunately, his life off the field needs some cleaning up so management hires image consultant, Julie Spencer, to makeover Ty. alas, this is not an easy situation for either of them, but particularly for Julie.

Julie and Ty have a history that dates back to high school graduation when they shared a fabulous night together. Too bad Ty had to ruin it for Julie, who was ready to give him her heart. Now all these years later, Julie is loath to work with Ty, but she needs the money since she has just opened up her own firm. As much as she would like to, Julie knows she cannot turn down the offer to help Ty with his image. And that means spending lots of time with Ty, spending lots of alone time with him. Julie plans to keep her heart firmly locked away but Ty is just as charming, sexual, and sweet as he was years ago. He wants Julie back in his life, and he is starting to realize he wants something permanent with her, something forever. Could Ty be in love with the one woman who is determined to keep her distance?


Romance is always a bit sexier in a Bella Andre book! Such is the case with GAME FOR ANYTHING. The heat smolders between Ty and Julie. There are many misconceptions these two have to face before they get to their happily-ever-after. Julie is determined to think the worst of Ty, but he shows her that there is much more to him than his life as a jock. He is caring, considerate, a tad arrogant, but ready with a helping hand when needed. How can Julie resist him? For Ty, Julie has always been “The One.” Even when he did not want her to be important, he knew in his heart that no woman could ever replace the one that got away. He is thankful for the chance to reconnect with her and is willing to use ever sensual tool at his disposal. Bella Andre hooks readers in with a sinful football quarterback, an intelligent business woman, and the messy past that unites them. GAME FOR ANYTHING resonates with romantic ferocity and passionate emotions.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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