Game for Seduction
By Angel
Sep 1, 2008 - 10:52:42 PM

Melissa McKnight has wanted Dominic since she was a teenager and her father became his agent.  Now she is all grown up and wants to make a name for herself as a top sports agent.  Problem is her father is resistant to the idea, but Dominic is about to convince him otherwise.  Can Melissa keep their relationship strictly business, or will she lose her heart to the handsome football player.

Dominic DiMarco has been playing professional football for a long time and he isn’t getting any younger.  He always saw Melissa as the boss’s daughter, but lately he’s been seeing her in a different light.  When she makes it known that she wants to be a sports agent Dominic decides to help her by becoming her client.  When she also accepts a new young hotshot, will his true feelings for her surface?


Bella Andre has a knack for creating likable characters and this book is no exception.  Melissa is a tough woman who goes after what she wants and even though her dream is crushed, she doesn’t give up.  Dominic is the sexy hero and when his heroine needs saving he comes to her rescue.  The sparks that fly between this couple are apparent from the first page and you know that the love scenes are going to be wildly erotic.  This is the second book in the BAD BOYS OF FOOTBALL series and I can honestly say that I will be looking for the first one.

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