Games People Play: Cut Bait
By Amanda Haffery
Feb 4, 2008 - 6:16:09 AM

Bill and Rick have been living together for two years now. Both are busy with their jobs but still make time to keep the romance alive at home. When Rick's sister starts a sex toy party business and needs a place to keep all her merchandise, to Bill's and Rick's it goes. When Bill discovers all the toys in their bedroom, he doesn't know whether to be worried that Rick has found someone or something else to complete him, be scared of what Rick's going to do to him or be completely turned on by adding something new to their relationship. What better way to discover why these toys are all the rage for women than to try them out on each other? Who knew the buzzing bullets could be for something besides fish bait?

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: CUT BAIT is a romping good time! This is a very sensual m/m story while at the same time combining humor. BA TORTUGA is a very creative and talented author and I'm becoming a huge fan! Bill and Rick are down home country boys and this fact totally comes across in both their accents and their confusion of vibrators and such. Between laughing at and being totally turned on by the toys, Rick and Bill were sensual, passionate, funny and totally in love. I love how neither Rick nor Bill are true dominants, each one taking charge when the need calls for it to reassure the other partner. Both characters are lacking self-confidence in their relationship, worried that the other will find someone better at any moment. This made GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: CUT BAIT so much more realistic for me and really made Rick and Bill stand out. BA Tortuga is one of the best authors of m/m sensuality and I'll be looking forward to more from her very soon!

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