Garden Of Lies
By Carol
Aug 4, 2015 - 8:48:28 PM

Uraula Kern is the owner of The Kern Secretarial Agency. She has became a very independent and successful woman. No one else knows her secret though. Ursula has moved away to make a new life for herself.

She's left all of her past behind. That is until one of her really close friends and her best employee - the only one who knows her secret and true identity, Anne Clifton winds up dead.

The constable says it was a suicide, but Ursula refuses to believe that. Along with the help of Slater Roxton, a renowned Archaelogist, Ursula sets out to solve Anne's murder herself. What Ursula and Slater uncover, not only compromises her true identity, but their lives as well.

GARDEN OF LIES is a suspenseful murder mystery on top of envious fairy-tale romance, set against the backdrop of Victorian London. GARDEN OF LIES is expertly written and easy to read. By far the best novel I've ever had the pleasure of reading. This novel is an absolute must read. Well done Jayne Ann, very well done!

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