Gemini Heat

Author: Portia Da Costa

Publisher: Black Lace

Release Date: April 3, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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When Deana goes to a viewing of 'Visions of Eroticism,' a collection of artwork by Jackson de Guille as a favor to her sister, she never expects to be so turned on by these enticing pictures. When she discovers a gorgeous man checking out the pictures, she finds herself completely, sinfully, aroused. One thing surely leads to another and Deana finds herself gloriously naked and hedonistically fulfilled by the dark stranger who tells her to call him "Jake."

When Delia is only brought to orgasmic delight by her dark fantasies, instead of her boyfriend, she knows something is very wrong in her life. She keeps imagining this "Dark Prince" who fulfills her every sexual whim with gusto and hurls her over the brink into utter bliss every time. When she arrives at work for a meeting with the owner of the company, she literally faints when she discovers the man is actually the "Dark Prince" of her fantasies. When she realizes he seems to know her, she knows for sure he was with her sister the night before. That's not going to stop Delia from making her fantasy of this man a reality. Look out Deana, Delia is determined to make Jake hers.


So begins a tug of war between twin sisters over Jake. From one sinfully sensual encounter to the next, both sisters will stop at nothing to be with Jake. He is the man who brings all their dreams to life-unknown to Jake of course. Each chapter of this amazing story from Portia Da Costa is more orgasmic than the next. I strongly advice having your significant other close at hand! From the very first sentence I was a goner for GEMINI HEAT. This is such a profound story! I love the interaction between not only Delia and Deana, but their interaction with Jake as well. Although they are misleading him as to their real identity, I couldn't fault them. I would have done the same darn thing in their position. Jake is just too scrumptious for words! The sexual scenes throughout this story are some of the most erotic I've ever encountered. There are sweet scenes, dominating scenes and more pleasure than you could ever imagine! This is my first Portia Da Costa story (and actually the first she ever wrote for Black Lace) but I know it will not be my last. I've become addicted!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Amanda Haffery

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