Gentle Control

Author: Brynn Paulin

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: May 14, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Tempest, a sweet, voluptuous blonde, is about to marry a man she has no feelings for whatsoever. She has one final hurdle to conquer before she marries him. She needs to find Josh, the man her father made her leave eight years earlier. She needs to settle the past by putting some closure on it.

However, once she sees Josh again, she realizes that closure is not so easy. Tempest remembers all too easily how Josh made her feel, how his dominant nature called to the submissive inside of her. She used to love how he exerted GENTLE CONTROL over her, how he made her feel so at ease with her submissive side. She relished being controlled and the loving, sweet way that he showed her his dominance. Knowing it won’t be easy to walk away from him, she sets out to close the door on the past and a loveless marriage. Before she knows it, she begins to think about opening the door into the future, with Josh, as his partner.


Josh, a hot, sexy dominant hasn’t had a date in years. Ever since his one true love, Tempest, walked out him, he has never forgot about her. His sister-in-law reads tarot cards and offers to read his. He has little use for them but goes along with it anyway out of mild curiosity.  When she pulls the ‘control’ card, he fails to see how it could apply to his life.

When Tempest, a storm from Josh’s past, that still tears him apart, blows turbulently back into his life, he starts to see how control is just what he needs. A dominant at heart, Josh will have to use control to maintain authority over the situation he finds himself in with his soul mate, Tempest. While she tells him that she is intent on settling their past, he knows that it won’t be nearly that easy. Fighting his need to tame her, to show her he won’t be forgotten this time, Josh is reminded of the control that his sister-in-law said he would need.


GENTLE CONTROL is a surprisingly sweet yet sexy story that combines a dominant male, a submissive female, and the fiery passion that they cannot forget. Tempest, while submissive, is a force to be reckoned with. She is the perfect example of a character that prefers the submissive role, yet relishes the control she has in that role. I find Josh amazingly hot as he exerts his dominance. Tempest, while seemingly shy on the outside, has the perfect combination of steel and silk to create a perfect submissive, sexy, partner.  Ms. Paulin combined two very appealing characters whose characteristics perfectly complement each other. GENTLE CONTROL sounds pretty appealing after finishing this hot read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lorelei Mattison

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