Georgia Peach
By Natalie
Jul 2, 2009 - 11:28:45 AM

Months ago, Thayne Gerling left California for a new job.  He seemingly cut all ties with his former life, including his lover and best friend, Harris Dayan.  When he is no longer able to stand being away, Thayne returns - only to find that the man he loves has found a new person to share his life – Shay Ramneil. 

Harris Dayan has finally found closure with Thayne’s visit.  He has moved on and is very much in love with Shay.  Calling her his GEORGIA PEACH, Harris and she have a very strong bond with each other, in and out of the bedroom.  With Thayne’s arrival, however, Harris sees that maybe, just maybe, he and Shay can convince Thayne to stay and make a life with both of them. 


Lena Matthews ups the ante on hotness with GEORGIA PEACH.  She has taken a committed relationship between Harris and Shay, and added bad boy Thayne to the mix with explosive results. What starts as a night of sexual freedom and pleasure between these three strong and very sexy characters turns into so much more than simply a risqué night of debauchery.  It ultimately leads to commitment and forever.


Blazing hot love scenes with playful banter make a fun and erotic read.  Lena Matthews continues to write and release scorchers that I can’t seem to get enough of!  GEORGIA PEACH is definitely a hot one!

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