Get Some Love

Author: Nina Foxx

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Release Date: August 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Orphaned at the age of five, dark and beautiful Angelica Chapee is raised by her grandparents, a loving couple who instilled in her the values of love and commitment.  Angelica is a ‘good girl’, barely dating and saving herself for marriage.  Now almost twenty-one, her grandparents are also gone – her grandmother two years ago, and most recently her beloved grandfather, ‘Pop-pop’. When Pop-pop’s will is read, Angelica receives a double shock – she stands to inherit millions she didn’t know existed, but to get it she must throw aside everything she has ever believed right, and lose her virginity within a week.

Juan Delgado is having his own family problems. The handsome black Puerto Rican travels from his native New York City to Baton Rouge to carry out a contract for his father’s dry cleaning business.  Juan’s father sees this as a test of whether his son can run the family business, but Juan would rather pursue his dreams of becoming a jazz musician.  He has no interest in taking over his fathers business, and has broken up with the woman they hoped he would marry. Tension is high in the Delgado family, and Juan can’t seem to find a way to please his father and have his music.


Angelica feels torn by her grandfathers will.  How can the man who rejected suitors left and right because of their motives expect her to have a one-night stand?  She wants to be true to herself and do what’s right, but the money she stands to inherit would provide her with her dream to study singing at Juilliard.  Added to that, her grandfather’s death has brought out the material side to the wife of their pastor – she feels entitled to a chunk of Angelica’s inheritance.  What secrets about Pop-pop’s past doesn’t Angelica know about?  Will she give up herself, or the money? And what happens when two people who both feel they’ll know the right person when they see them finally meet?


I loved Nina Foxx’s ‘Get Some Love’ – it was funny, entertaining, and fresh.  The characters and storyline were unique, and I would love to see a sequel with Angelica’s best friend Jeanette, who was a great secondary character. I look forward to more of Ms. Foxx’s novels.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh O.

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