Getaway Girl
By Rhea Palmer
Oct 1, 2006 - 12:23:00 PM

Jamie MacAlister began her career in the illegal street racing circuit. Her need for adrenaline was accelerated after her father died – leaving her with no other relatives to lean on. After meeting Maxwell Montenelli, she begins driving for a transportation service – an illegal transportation service. Dealing with the blood and gore of her new profession became old, but soon after she expresses her desires to Max he is killed in a tragic car accident leaving Jamie to wonder if it was truly an accident.

She starts driving for the Faction – a covert operation who transports dignitaries and other higher-ups quickly and discreetly. This is the start of a new life for Jamie – a clean life. After her first drop-off, she is feeling good. The second drop-off carries a surprise. They aren’t wanting to deliver a package – they’re wanting her. And behind this little show is Sacha Vital, her one-night stand and new enemy. Can Jamie worm her way out of Sacha’s clutches? Can she even think about trusting Sacha? At this point, she would consider herself lucky to even get out of this one alive.


Getaway Girl is the female version of Fast and Furious. Michele Hauf introduces you to a new world of hiring out motor skills for money.


Michele Hauf offers a high-paced action mystery with hot romance to go along with it. After reading this book, you may find yourself itching to race that little sports car pulled up next to you at the stop light!


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