Getting Over It - Sapphire Falls #6
By Jo
Aug 18, 2015 - 7:15:14 PM

GETTING OVER IT (SAPPHIRE FALLS BOOK 6) has us involved once more with the Bennett's as well as others in Sapphire Falls.  This is Ty and Hailey's story and I felt like kicking them at times to get their acts together and realize how they truly felt about one another.

Nicholas' GETTING OVER IT is another very steamy, romantic contemporary from one of my favorite authors that reunites us with many characters in the small town of Sapphire Falls, Nebraska.  Hailey is very insecure even though she's a two term mayor of her hometown.  Her father and stepmother didn't pay her a lot of attention growing up and she finally reveals the effect their negativity and how being ignored molded who she is now.  She and Ty, who is an Olympic medalist and participates in triathlons, sees his career go down the tubes due to an injury from an accident he and his best friend, Bryan, were involved in.  As we get to know more about Hailey and Ty and their secret three plus years romance that takes place in Denver, where Ty lives, we realize how little they know about each other and how little they know of what the other wants out of life and from each other.  Watching their chemistry whenever sex was involved was sort of freaky since they had very little else to base their relationship on.  I found it hard to get emotionally involved with them but loved their interactions with the other townspeople we've met before. There are a lot of twists and turns to the story with most of the characters trying to talk sense into them but not usually when they are together. As reality sinks in to each of them of what they really want it almost seems too late. There is a happily ever after in the offing along with a surprise twist involving the mayoral race and some closure.  I for one would like them to be happy together but can they achieve that when they are in such different places and don't know how to relate to their feelings or can they learn together?  There are hints of who will be front and center in Sapphire Falls in book seven in the series.

I have now read several of Nicholas' series - THE BRADFORD's, the COUNTING ON LOVE and the first six books in the SAPPHIRE FALLS SERIES. I need to read GETTING TO HER that is the companion novella to this book so I can see how it all began with Hailey and Ty.  There was an excerpt at the back of the book that left me wanting more.  I guess I should have read it before reading GETTING OVER IT.  I'm looking forward to reading more books in this series and some of Nicholas' other books.

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