Getting Back to Delaney
By Chrissy Dionne
May 1, 2009 - 7:37:34 AM

Gallery owner Delaney McKenzie’s life is on a downward spiral.  She caught her boyfriend cheating on her with one of her other artists, the gallery isn’t as successful as she’d hoped, and her father keeps harping on her to abandon art and the gallery for a career in accounting.  Delaney’s put her own interests and desires aside for far too long.  The only place that truly reflects her personality is her home; it’s time to discover what truly brings her happiness and her warm caring spirit into every aspect of her life.

Tyler Szymanski spends much of his time surfing but there’s much more to this ‘surfer boy’ than meets the eye.  He’s a marketing genius who’s checking out the competition for his brother who’s opening an art gallery on the same street as Delaney.  At first he believes Delaney to be as sterile as her gallery but then he sees her during an unguarded moment and gets a good look at her office and realizes that she’s very different from the image she projects.


After busting Pablo, her boyfriend, in an intimate session with one of the gallery’s other artists, Delaney’s determined to take a break from dating for awhile.  She’s going to concentrate on getting the gallery back on track and moving into her own place.  The last thing she wants or need is some surfer coming around asking questions and throwing her hormones all out of whack.  Tyler doesn’t divulge the true reason behind his wanting to know more about her gallery and he quickly begins to worry about how Delaney will react when she learns about the part he plays in drawing all the attention to the new gallery.


Delaney’s at a loss as to what to do to save her fledgling business.  She knows that financially it’s only a matter of months before she’ll be forced to close if something doesn’t change soon.  Thanks to her new meddlesome neighbors Amelia, Rose and Gwen, Delaney realizes what’s missing in her gallery is personality.  Delaney and her gallery undergo a major overhaul and she feels a great sense of accomplishment in all the changes.  The trouble is she’s an artist and has no real idea about marketing schemes to bring in potential customers.  Fortunately Tyler isn’t willing to see her business fail.  Will his attempts at helping be viewed as betrayal or will Delaney accept them in the spirit that they’re given?


GETTING BACK TO DELANEY gives readers insight into a woman’s journey of self discovery.  Delaney’s lost her sense of ‘self’ amongst all the expectations and demands of those around her but with a little help from the unlikely

“godmother-like” trio next door, a mischievous puppy and a new love interest she finds happiness and a new lease on life.  Tyler is utterly charming and just wants to live his life free of the Hollywood jet set crowd which is kind of hard when your father is an actor.  Tyler and Delaney have formed opinions and expectations of each other which could lead to heartache if they aren’t willing to open up and be honest about who they truly are and what they want.   Christie Walker Bos has created a charming tale full of betrayal, love and utter joy in just being who you truly are – and let’s not forget the pleasure to be found in excellent friendship and baked goods containing suspicious ingredients.  Some little old ladies have such devious minds.

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