Getting Even
By Nickie Langdon
Aug 10, 2006 - 9:47:00 AM

Claudia, Annelise and Lishelle met in college and have been best friends since. Their personal worlds are about to come apart. There’s nothing anyone can do about it, but should they take it and get on with their lives. Just read and see.

Claudia, the undisputed Black American Princess, has been planning the ultimate wedding that will set Atlanta on its ear. The day of the wedding draws near and Adam, her intended, begins to ask her to participate in strange sexual behavior. Is this the darker side of Adam or is there something truly wrong and he’s trying to scare her off?


Annelise is the married friend. She and her husband haven’t been intimate in a very long time. She’s tried everything she knows to entice him and he turns on her, telling her that she puts too much pressure on him. She’s an amateur photographer. At a scheduled shoot, a client brings along his brother who begins to show a lot of interest in her. Why?


Lishelle is the unmarried one of the group. Suddenly, the man she loved in college shows up, courts her heavily and asks her to marry him. The whirlwind events leave her little time to really think things through. She agrees to help him with a bank loan so that he can get his new business up and running.


Kayla Perrin has written a story that will keep you alternately laughing, crying and wanting to punch something. What is it the three men have in common? When the women are dumped, they muddle through, even have a pity party. Then it gets serious and they begin to plot their revenge. The ending will make you want to shout and high five all three of these ladies.


The mini-stories in this book are gut wrenching at times. GETTING EVEN is a must read. Kayla Perrin has made her way to my TBB list. She’s an awesome storyteller whose characters are real. It isn’t often that one can find a book with simultaneous stories going on and still be able to keep up and not have to go back to re-read.

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