Getting It!

Author: Lydia C. Filzen

Publisher: Echelon Press Publishing

Release Date: April 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Someone is breaking into his home, and Ruffian is alone and scared.  The person means to harm his person, Lynn, and Ruffie knows it is up to him to save her.  However, he is just a young Sheltie dog, and the man reeks of danger.  He barks and growls and tries to look fearsome and mean 'business'.  But the man is big and very strong.  He kicks out at Ruffie, striking him in the shoulder, and then threatens to kill him.  Ruffie knows he is in trouble.  Even more so, he knows that Lynn is in worse trouble.  This man will do horrible things to his Lynn, unless he can make her understand.  But how can he warn her when she won't listen?  How can he protect her when he cannot make her understand?

All Lynn knows is that her beloved pet is acting weird all of a sudden.  He is always underfoot, won't leave her side for a minute, and seems to be spooked by his own shadow.  And there are some other strange thing-the smell of cigarette smoke in her bedroom, her pistol suddenly missing.  Can an animal communicator help her understand what is happening? 


GETTING IT! by Lydia C. Filzen is adorable!  Written mainly from Ruffian's point of view, this dollar download from Echelon Press is worth every single cent and more.  It is quite short; you'll be able to read it easily in one sitting, but it packs a huge amount of enjoyment that will leave you feeling good when you are done.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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