Getting Lucky
By Missy Andrews
Jun 12, 2003 - 10:11:00 AM

When Lily Morrisette first lays eyes on Zachariah Taylor she knows that he is her fantasy man come to life – until he opens his mouth. Zach is a marine on leave after coming off of a not so perfect mission in South America. He figures to spend the time catching up with his "baby" sister Glynnis but instead of Glynnis in his house he finds Lily, who looks like "every marine’s wet dream". Now, Zach has had plenty of experience with getting rid of con artists who try to take advantage of his too trusting sister, who just happens to be about to come into a very large inheritance. And Zach KNOWS that that is exactly what Lily is up to. And on top of that his sister has run off with some guy named David to get married, so he has to track her down and put a stop to that. Only problem is that Lily is the only one who knows where she has gone and she won’t tell him, but she will give him directions as they go because…..

…..she is not going to let him screw up the best thing that has ever happened to Glynnis. She absolutely cannot believe the nerve of the man. He storms into the place and starts throwing insults and accusations at her and refuses to listen when she tells him that David is the best thing that has ever happened to Glynnis and is NOT some fortune hunter. Not to mention how far off base his opinion of her is. He’ll figure it out soon enough and she can’t wait to see the mighty marine humbled. However, she didn’t want it to happen by him finding out that Glynnis and David have been kidnapped. But that’s exactly what happens.

I think that’s a pretty good plot summation so this is part where I get to jump up and down, push this book under your nose and tell you to READ IT. You may absolutely hate Zach at first but that’s OK keep reading, because around page 147 he FINALLY gets a clue and stops acting like such a jerk. But even when he’s being a jerk we know that he’s fighting his attraction to Lily and she is not letting him get the best of her – no way, no how. Everything that he dishes out she hands right back to him in double portions. Zach is a marine. He has a marine attitude and a marine mouth. He doesn’t do flowery speeches or empty compliments but he takes care of the people that he cares about and he’s great to have around in an emergency. And by the end of the book you’ll deny that you ever thought he was a jerk. Trust me on this.

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