Getting Lucky with Luciano
By Jenn L
Feb 19, 2008 - 8:30:23 AM

Kaylee Daniels has always played it safe, she works hard at her business, she's single and driven, yet she yearns for more. She yearns for sexy restaurant owner Luciano Valenti. For six months she lusted after him, turning into a klutz of the first-degree every time he is near. His effect on her is thrilling and frightening; with help from her friends she decides he's the one she wants. With little time for a social life she hopes to convince Luciano that a no strings affair is what they both need.

Luciano Valenti has admired and desired the beautiful Kaylee from the first time she set foot in his restaurant. He wants her, but he can't have her. Kaylee Daniels has commitment written all over her and Luciano doesn’t do forever. But when Kaylee suggests they engage in a no strings affair, Luciano can't say no.


With secrets and hidden pain, these two lonely souls embark on a sensual journey of discovery; one that will change their lives forever. One that will have Kaylee finding out that getting lucky with Luciano was the best decision of her life.


GETTING LUCKY WITH LUCIANO is a delicious tale from the first word to the last. Ms. Nyrae has delivered a novel full of witty dialogue, courageous, independent characters and sexual heat that can't be denied. Kaylee is the epitome of a working woman who doesn’t need a man, but wants one anyway. Luciano is enigmatic and oozes sex appeal, making him the ideal romance hero.


The chemistry between Kaylee and Luciano is glaringly apparent to everyone, but for them it’s not until Kaylee propositions the sexy restaurateur. What come after is a sexy roller coaster ride of emotion and tangled sheets that had me hoping that GETTING LUCKY WITH LUCIANO would never end, but alas all good things must come to an end. Lucky for us Ms. Nyrae has two novels planned for Kaylee's gal pals leaving us knowing we'll be seeing Kaylee and crew again.


All in all GETTING LUCKY WITH LUCIANO is a satisfying read and a refreshing look at sex and the single girl. Take a chance and pick it up, I assure you won't be disappointed.

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