Getting Naked at the Hilton
By Scarlet
Feb 11, 2008 - 2:10:47 PM

Rachel is a lounge singer in Vegas.   While performing, she spies a gorgeous man across the room.   She loves being a woman and exploring her uninhibited sex drive.   When she meets the right person, she isn’t shy about getting right to the fun parts, and the gorgeous Scott seems to be just the right guy to satisfy Rachel.

Scott has been stood up and is getting angrier by the minute.   When the gorgeous singer seems to share his attraction, he soon strikes up a conversation.   Conversation leads to a dance, then to a kiss and then to spending the night together; a naked but celibate night together. The next morning is a different matter, though, and the two embark on a wild ride that can do nothing but satisfy all things carnal.


If you love a red hot thrill ride, GETTING NAKED AT THE HILTON will certainly satisfy.   Rachel and Scott are both very sexual beings and the attraction in instantaneous.   There is nowhere for this pair to go that is not together.   The sexcapades are frequent and varied, including Hoover Dam.   Dee Dawning certainly knows how to write erotica.   I was drawn in as a voyeur, along for the adventure as this passionate couple has one erotic interlude after another.   For fans of erotica, this is a fine way to while away an afternoon.  

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