Getting Real

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jennifer LaBrecque & Julie Elizabeth Leto

Publisher: Harlequin Signature Select

Release Date: January 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Burt Mueller is a producer looking to make the big time once again.  He used to be a well-known producer, but a scandal took him out of the game.  Now, he's come up with several hit reality shows.  And, those shows bring three wonderful couples together for a delightful romance and a stellar love affair.  Don't miss GETTING REAL from Harlequin's new line, Signature Select.

SURVING SARAH by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Sarah Donovan is an actress slowly going downhill, and she needs something big to put her name in the spotlight again.  Now, a great opportunity has opened in the form of a reality television show.  Sarah is to have twenty-five hot and brawny men competing for her favor.  Each day the contestants will compete in challenges to win points.  Right before the show starts filming, her manager tells her to think about marrying the winner.  She doesn't think seven days is long enough to fall in love with any of the guys.  That is until she meets Luke Richards, a truly wonderful man, who has had a crush on Sarah since her very first movie.


THE GREAT CHASE by Julie Elizabeth Leto

Charlotte 'Charlie' Cuesta is asked to participate in a new reality television show called The Great Chase.  The participants will all be paired, and on each show they will have to solve a detective problem to make it to the next round.  The winners, of course, receive a prize of money.  Burt, the shows director wants a twist to the show.  The twist involves pairing Charlie up with her old rival and lover, Sam Ryan.  Burt knows the spark of attraction between Charlie and Sam will make the ratings soar, but Burt also has a secret agenda in getting the couples to solve mysteries.  He has been having mysterious notes delivered to him, and he aims to have Charlie and Sam find out who the culprit is.  While Charlie and Sam are making their way to the finals, they learn their old attraction is still hot and strong.  Will this reality show rekindle an old romance?


THE LAST VIRGIN by Jennifer LaBrecque

Andrea Scarpini is a twenty-five year old virgin, and her friends joke about it all the time.  But, Andrea is waiting for a man who she can spend the rest of her life with.  When Andrea is approached by a scout to be on a new reality show, she thinks this is her opportunity to find the man of her dreams.  After all, she'll have several gorgeous hunks vying for her as the prize.  What Andrea doesn't know is Burt, the show's director knows she is a virgin, and that's going to be the big twist.  One of the contestants is journalist Zach Richards, and he's found his opportunity to prove reality television is rigged.  But, Zach gets more than he bargained for when he meets the beautiful Andrea.  As the competition progresses, Andrea and Zach really hit it off.  Find out what happens when the twist is revealed and when Andrea learns of Zach's real reason for being on the show.


GETTING REAL is an anthology featuring three brand-new stories from three best-selling authors.  I love the whole reality television concept behind the show.  It is, without doubt, an awesome, new and refreshing idea.  It's great how the characters flow through each book, and the writing talent in GETTING REAL is fantastic.  Authors Thompson, Leto and LaBrecque know how to entertain their readers.  These stories are great adventures of romance, and I definitely recommend picking up this book today.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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