Getting What You Want
By Sarah W
Jun 29, 2004 - 2:02:00 AM

For some people, there's no place like home. But for Abby Stepp, home represents all the torment and belittlement she suffered at the hands of her classmates in
Millbrook , Maine . Despite that, Abby has come back to Millbrook for a six-month research position at Rand Laboratories. She's happy to see her younger sister Ellie again, but it's the shock of running into local bad boy Chase Jordan that has really shaken Abby up. Abby has had a crush on Chase since high school, but he always seemed out of her reach, part of the cool clique in high school while Abby was labeled a nerd. She's determined to put all that behind her though and try to forget the pain she suffered in high school. She's now a responsible and prestigious scientist, so she should be able to put her feelings of lust for the handsome and sexy Chase aside, right?

Chase can't believe how attracted he is to the standoffish and cold Abby Stepp. He wants to get to know her better though, and they attempt a friendship which quickly escalates into so much more as Abby and Chase grow closer. Unfortunately, Abby's insecurities about her beauty and her worth as a person interfere with her growing relationship with Chase, which isn't helped when Chase's ex-girlfriend Summer-Ann tries to warn her away. Will this great couple be able to put their pasts behind them and attempt to create a much brighter future together?


GETTING WHAT YOU WANT was an incredible read. I couldn't put this book down; I read it in one sitting so enthralled was I by the love story between Abby and Chase. The chemistry blossomed between these two great characters from the first page until the very end. I enjoyed seeing Abby come to grips with her past. Her return to Millbrook is greeted warmly by the citizens and though reluctant at first to accept their friendship she soon finds out that even the most belligerent classmates can change into responsible and caring adults. Chase has never felt such a connection with another woman and despite Abby's attempt to label their relationship a fling, he quickly changes her mind as they fall deeper and deeper in love.


Both have secrets, but it is Chase's secret that was most shocking and heart wrenching to this reviewer. It came as a surprise but made me like Chase even more. This story proves that despite all the differences in background, education, or social standing, love can truly conquer all. If you were to read only one romance novel this year, Kathy Love's debut novel should truly be it.

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