Ghetto Princess
By Red
Jun 1, 2006 - 8:54:00 AM

It?s true you?re a product of your environment and Kanika is no different. Born into a hard life where fairy tales just don?t happen she is forced to live in a life where danger lurks behind every corner. Her mother is more like her friend, she teaches young Kanika how to get what she wants and how to keep it once she gets it. Kanika has everything she wants except Tyrell but in her heart she knows he wants her in ways she can?t wait to explore.

Tyrell is your typical bad boy, forced to live the life of crime, to follow in Tony?s, Kanika?s mother?s boyfriend) footsteps. In his heart he wants young Kanika, he wants to teach her things her body has never experienced but he is afraid to release the passion and he?s afraid Tony will kick his butt. But lust and passion can only be held in for so long.

Once it?s released it cannot be forgotten. But after Kanika?s mom is killed Tyrell must send her away for her protection. He then must find a way to keep her safe, keep her happy, and keep her from finding out secrets he hides inside. GHETTO PRINCESS is like no other book I have ever read. It?s so real and so sexy. It takes you out of your cozy little home and brings you into the streets where you are faced with murder, sex, drugs, broken trust, friendships gone bad and true life. This was definitely a page turner. One you will want to read but be warned you will not be able to put it down.

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