Girl's Guide to Hunting and Kissing
By Missy Andrews
Oct 1, 2003 - 7:01:00 AM

***image4***In this second book of the South Beach Series, we meet free spirited Club Paradise co-owner Summer Farnsworth and by-the-book politician Jackson Taggart. Summer spent her whole childhood being dragged all over the country by her parents in their search for a place to belong. She grew up in communes and cults where she was expected to conform to the rigid structures of the group. When she was old enough to strike out on her own she swore that she would never again conform to anyone’s rules but her own. So, what was she doing with a man who was always in the public eye, had no sense of adventure, was never spontaneous and didn’t know the meaning of sexual adventure? Why, she was doing what any normal red-blooded American woman would do – she was letting him prove her wrong.

Jackson needs a good stress reducer. He has to decide whether or not to enter the upcoming political race while his family is knee deep in a scandal that has rocked half of Florida. He goes to Club Paradise looking for a distraction and finds Summer. When he first encounters her, all he is looking for is a fling, but the more they talk the more intrigued he becomes. He is determined to get her to see him as something other than an uptight guy who is concerned about nothing more than what other people think of him.


This is a classic story of opposites attract, and after reading it I was quickly reminded of why these are the best stories. The more determined Summer is to label Jackson, the more determined he becomes to strip away those labels – along with a few other things. From the ocean to the "bordello", Ms. Rock creates a very sensuous atmosphere for Summer and Jackson to explore their attraction. This story sizzles with heat and tension, as these two polar opposites must decide how much they are willing to compromise in order to have a relationship. Ms. Rock has created a lively community with exciting characters who each have a very distinctive personality and background. With every book I am drawn more into the series and anxiously await the next addition.

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