Parenti Dynasty, Book 2 - Giselle’s Choice
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 21, 2011 - 2:21:36 PM

Despite being second in line to the Arrezzian monarchy Saul Parenti has absolutely no interest in ruling.  He’s carved out exactly the sort of life he wants with his wife Giselle and that doesn’t include being public figureheads or children.  All his plans change drastically however when a car bomb takes his beloved cousin’s life and catapults Saul into the role of King of Arrezzo.  This isn’t an easy transition for Saul since he has dreams for Arrezzo that include a more democratic society but that requires a gentle transition and shouldn’t rise from such tragedy. 

After a year of marriage Giselle’s very much in love with Saul.  They’ve successfully built a loving and trusting partnership and are on the same wavelength as far as what they want for Arrezzo and personally.  The life they’d been working on building together though has changed irrevocably with the death of his cousin Aldo.  Giselle can’t help but feel betrayed by Saul’s decision to rule Arrezzo especially since he didn’t consult her before agreeing to something this major. 


The whole thought of this sudden burden of so much responsibility and the feeling that this might be the beginning of the end for her and Saul’s marriage is very unsettling. However, one of Giselle’s biggest concerns is the realization that if Saul’s going to be king then she’d be expected to provide an heir for the throne.  Saul and Giselle were very much in tune with the fact that neither of them wanted to have children, but has this sudden change in reality altered his feelings about procreating?  Can their marriage survive the sudden spotlight, fears and uncertainties their new life is going to bring?


I rather enjoyed GISELLE’S CHOICE however I couldn’t help but feel like I’d been dropped into the middle of the story.  That’s probably because it builds on the story begun in the first Parenti Dynasty book, THE RELCTANT SURRENDER.  Once I got passed the initial confusion I found myself caught up in the drama that suddenly descends on these relative newlyweds as their life takes a decidely unexpected turn.  While I could completely understand the reasoning behind Saul’s deathbed promise to his cousin to take care of their people and provide an heir, I also have great empathy for Giselle because she really doesn’t have any control of what’s going on about her and her feelings don’t seem to be taken into consideration.  What I found fascinating is Giselle’s conflicting feelings about having children and the reasoning behind that decision.  All in all, I’d say this is a powerful storyline but I’d strongly recommend reading the titles of the PARENTI DYNASTY in order.


They are:

THE RELUCTANT SURRENDER released in January 2011

And GISELLE’S CHOICE released in March 2011

I couldn’t find anything about Ms. Jordan’s Harlequin books on her website but Harlequin has a handy listing of them

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