Go Wild
By Maree Schuler
Feb 16, 2011 - 10:29:12 PM

GO WILD is a deliciously dirty book that was an erotic journey between two people who want each other, but don't know how to express that they need more than just the standard romp in the bedroom to keep them satisfied. Lars knows that Katia is the woman for him and that he can satisfy anything that Katia says that she needs, no matter how dirty that need may be.


Katia craves the darker side of sex, and as much as she loves Lars, she fears that she will never be satisfied with just one lover for the rest of her life. Lars introduces her to the perfect solution, Wild Nights .... a week where anything goes and nothing is held against anyone after the week is over. This is the perfect chance for Lars to show Katia just how he can fulfill her every need ..... no matter what that desire is.


Juniper Bell weaves a spell binding story that will make you shiver with delight while you read this tale which takes place in the Alaskan wilderness. While GO WHILE is definitely erotic, at its core this is a love story that shows just how far a man will go for love and just how they entertain themselves on those long cold Alaskan nights. I definitely recommend adding this book to your collection it was a fantastic read from start to finish! 

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