Goddess Goodies
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 6, 2008 - 1:21:12 PM

Returning home after a long business trip should be pure bliss but for Diana the happy homecoming turns into a nightmare.  Her happy little life has been ripped apart and she never saw it coming.  She’s locked out of her own house and her husband is playing house with her ‘trusted’ assistant.  She’s being ousted from her own life - her house, her husband and even her company have all become pawns in what promises to be a nasty divorce.

As shocking as Derek and Melinda’s betrayal is, Diana’s sister Isabel sees it as a well-construed take over and sets out to help Diana in whatever way possible.  Thanks to Isabel, Diana gets pointed in the right direction and quickly hires herself a ‘ball-breaker’ lawyer and a CPA to go over the business and personal accounts.  Diana will soon discover that it’s not just a matter of divorcing, Derek’s literally taken over her company - her old reliable staff is gone, Melinda has taken over her office, even her position in the company is a distant memory.  It’s enough to make a grown woman cry. 


Fortunately Diana overcomes her delusional ‘this can’t be happening to me’ mind set and opts to fight back.  With the aid of her lawyer and accountant, Diana will leave her marriage with half of everything but her business, Diana’s Delights, has fallen into Derek and Melinda’s hands and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  That is until Diana proves that the recipes being used belong to her family.  Big changes are coming and while Derek and Melinda may have successfully pulled off taking over Diana’s Delights, Diana isn’t about to let her own talents go to waste.  She’s about to discover just how sweet revenge can be - and how deprived she’s been of love in her life.  Her CPA Ben Riker, proves he’s very good at much more than number crunching.


Grab yourself a treat, sit back, and indulge in this tale of love and betrayal.  This is one of those riveting tales that captures the readers attention right away.  I found myself completely immersed in Diana’s life and anxious to find out what she’d do once the numbness of Derek’s actions wore off.  As shocking as this story starts off, I’m pleased with the outcome.  Diana definitely develops a backbone very quickly and I couldn’t help but laugh at Derek’s reaction to her new attitude.  I don’t normally read many ‘women’s fiction’ labeled stories but I have to tell you this one rocks!  Too many women lose themselves in marriage and then when it falls apart have no clue who they are or what to do.  GODDESS GOODIES shows just what could happen in such a case, but it also depicts that there’s still life worth living once the ink’s dried on the divorce papers.  Mardi Ballou brings laughter to this storyline that is sure to leave readers smiling and examining their own relationships a little more closely.

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