Godmothers, Book 2 - Exclusive
By Dottie
Feb 1, 2011 - 4:19:41 PM

Theresa ‘Toots’ Amelia Loudenberry moved from South Carolina to California to be closer to her daughter Abby, bringing her three friends Ida, Sophie and Mavis, who are also Abby’s godmothers, with her. Unbeknown to her daughter, Toots has purchased the tabloid paper, the Informer, where Abby works. Toots had been staying in a Beverly Hills hotel since arriving in California. But now she has purchased the estate that once belonged to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Before Toots moved in, a pop star had rented the place and redecorated it in garish colors.  Toots will have to lay out several million dollars more to make the place habitable due to the pop star’s remodeling job, but she feels the view is worth it.

Awakening in the strange bedroom in the middle of the night, Toots sees four shadowy shapes around her and the temperature has dropped. Knowing that the shapes are ghosts, she has decided to switch places with Sophia the very next morning and let Sophia use her knowledge of such matters to get rid of them.

In the meantime, Abby has received an email supposedly from the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie crew, with an offer to interview them. Knowing this would really be a coup for her paper; she answers right away, but receives nothing else from the publicist. She is desperate to get an answer as she has already notified the new owners of the paper and she has been printing little tidbits in her paper hinting at the upcoming interview. Abby has also been avoiding her stepbrother Chris. There is a strong attraction between them, but, as an entertainment lawyer, he is often photographed with young starlets, leaving Abby uncertain about his feelings. However, she may need his help to uncover the mysterious emails.

Trying to get rid of the ghosts, Toots and the three godmothers hold a séance and are shocked at the result. With the help of her friends, Toots tries to pull the strings, keeping her ownership of The Informer secret from her daughter, as she tries to find a way to get Chris and Abby together. However, the women may be in danger from con men out to scam them out of their fortunes. With everything that is going on, the women may have an exclusive for Abby after all.

Mayhem seems to tag along with Toots and the godmothers in EXCLUSIVE, the second book in the GODMOTHERS series. While Ida is being courted by a con man after her money, Mavis has met a man on the beach that no one else has met yet. As Editor-in-chief at the Informer, Abby is having problems finding stories about the stars, but the godmothers have no problem meeting stars, the only problem is they are dead. Filled with mystery, an interesting plot, humor, charismatic characters and plenty of ghosts, this is an entertaining read, though I would like to see more of the relationship between Abby and Chris. I recommend EXCLUSIVE to those looking for an unusual story with plenty of off the wall humor.

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