Goin' Down
By Red
Jun 30, 2006 - 8:11:00 AM

After a long day at work Helen Harris heads home. Exhausted she pushes the button for the elevator, nothing sounds better then a good night sleep. Impatiently she waits it's arrival and when it finally does come and opens she finds herself face to face with a sexy, stud of a man whom she lusts for, the attraction is deep and finds herself excited and heated by his presence. He's within touching distance and oh she wants him to touch her but after all they are in an elevator. What would happen if the doors opened?

The stranger in the elevator is the blue collar playboy type that the average woman fantasizes about. This beautiful woman is sexy and he knows she wants him so he sees what he wants and make no mistake he takes it in the most sexual way. The Mutual attraction turns wild as they hungrily ravish the other.

Never before has such a short erotic 'Tingle' been filled with so much heat it is cleverly written with an explicit relationship, and a surprise ending. Jeya Jenson has proven that even short stories can leave the reader hot and bothered. A woman's fantasy becomes real in the best possible way.

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