Going Down Hard
By Pamela Denise
Jun 1, 2009 - 9:42:04 PM

Sierra Donovan is a partner in Eventfully Yours, the premier event planning company in Southern California. She has been used to taking care of herself and doing things her own way for a long time. Her mother passed away when she was young and the road to adulthood wasn’t exactly paved with gold. 

Recently, Sierra has been receiving some doctored photographs that depict her and a variety of different kinky sexual acts. What she brushed off in the beginning, even finding some of the photos humorous because they were so poorly done, is now no laughing matter. The photos have been coming in more frequently with notes accompanying them. One has even made it to their newest client, Family.


The cops have been notified, but can do nothing unless the pervert makes a move. With her safety in jeopardy and one of their biggest business deals on the line, her best friend and business partner, Belle suggests they hire security, namely, her fiancée’s cousin. Sierra gives in and allows Mr. Security, Reece Carter, to take the job. They met six years ago, and had a hot fling two months ago.  When she wasn’t busy arguing with the sexy cowboy she was lusting after him. How was she going to handle being around him all of the time?


Reece Carter had been infatuated with Sierra Donovan ever since their first encounter six years ago. She had blown off every attempt he’d tried to make in courting her, and then their lives took separate paths. A few months ago though, they were faced with each other again. The feelings he had were only fueled more by the older, even sexier version of Sierra. The unplanned but hot romp they’d had two months earlier was only meant to be a one time fling if Sierra had her way, but he’d liked what they’d shared way too much to let it be. As soon as he’d heard she’d been getting threats from a sicko, he’d readily jumped in as her security. Now he is determined to have more pleasurable moments with her while protecting her, and maybe even taking down the barriers around her heart along the way.


GOING DOWN HARD is a spin-off of Tawny Weber’s COMING ON STRONG which featured Sierra’s partner, Belle Forsham, and Reece’s cousin, Mitch Carter. It combines sexy fun with suspense and makes for a delightful read. Hang on to your hats when you start turning the pages, the heat between Sierra and Reece are enough to blow you away. I loved Reece’s cocky attitude and Sierra’s bossiness. Both were done to perfection, just enough attitude to not become overbearing. I also found myself drawn to Tawny’s secondary character, Tristan. Maybe he’ll have a story of his own one day too. GOING DOWN HARD goes down in my book as a superb read.

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