Going Down

Author: Tea Trelawny

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: February 13,2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Haunting a high rise is no easy job and for Fancy Mitzki it's one that frustrates and excites at the same time. She made a promise years ago on her honeymoon to use her matchmaking skills and unite 500 couples. Sadly her life ended before she could complete her task, so Fancy just needs to fulfill the promise. Then she can join her late husband in heaven. Let the matchmaking begin.

Kelly Flynn works in the high-rise's nightclub and secretly lusts after sexy reflexologist Connor Latimer. Connor has been dying to get his hands on the sexy Kelly, too bad she hides behind the tenants are off limits to employees rule her boss has. Accountant Russell Finch is as proficient as they come; he takes his work very seriously. Now if he could just control his lust for dance instructor Devon Dubois. Night after night she dances through his head and is slowly driving him to act on his passion for her, one sexy dance at a time.


Alex and Sophia Mitzki are like night and day, he's a rock star and she owns and operates the high-rise their Aunt Fancy left behind. He's a rule breaker and she's a rule maker, what Fancy has in store for them is over the top. This brother and sister won't know what hit them when Fancy puts the perfect matches right in front of them. Concert Pianist Pepper McKay is far from Alex's realm yet he can't help but want her. For Sophia her business and pleasure never mixing rule is about be tested. Jake Christian has been trying all night to fix the elevator at Sophia's high-rise. When these two collide the sparks fly and anything is possible.


GOING DOWN is a sexy group of novellas wrapped together in one incredible package. The flow from one couple to the next is seamless and adds complexity to Fancy's situation without taking away from each storyline. Fancy's high jinxes are over the top and her affection for all the people she is matching is easily felt throughout GOING DOWN.


It's hard to pinpoint which couple is most endearing or stands out most in my mind and that is truly the highest compliment I can give GOING DOWN. I connected with each and every character and found myself equally invested in each outcome. I am definitely a character driven reader needing that connection to cement my interest in a story, if pressed I guess Fancy is what drove this story for me. She has everyone's best intentions at heart, she really loves matching the couples and for me her sacrifice is the biggest.


Ms. Trelawny touches the reader in this tale and writes an equal balance of steamy sex with the underlying strength of love. Each couple meets their match and gives in; falling in love and making me fall for all of them as well. GOING DOWN is a fun and sexy read I can't begin to recommend enough.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jenn L

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Jenn L


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