Going Down
By Lacey
Sep 7, 2007 - 4:47:34 PM

All Sarah Hartman wanted to do was go home after a long day of work. But when she meets Ian Shane at the elevators, taking a ride down with him proposed other ideas. As the office bad-boy, Sarah has been warned to stay away from Ian; so naturally riding in an enclosed area seems like a bad idea. With the lights flicking off, one by one as the day came to an end, Sarah is torn between standing in the dark or taking a harmless elevator ride with Ian. Decidedly, she steps inside the small space. After all, what could possibly happen in a short elevator ride?

Sarah undeniably likes Ian and is completely oblivious to his crush on her. But halfway down to the lobby, the lights flicker inside before the elevator halts completely. Using her imagination to pass the time, Sarah cooks up a plan to seduce Ian. What starts out as a game to teach him a lesson quickly turns into something Sarah will never forget. With so much time and so little to do, Sarah decides to live it up while going down.


GOING DOWN gives a whole new meaning to being trapped in an elevator. This story was written well and constructed beautifully. Ms. Eton created a wonderful red-hot erotic tale with believable chemistry between the characters. I give GOING DOWN my recommendation, and guarantee you won’t ever think of a plain elevator ride in the same light.

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