Going Down

Author: Shelli Stevens

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: July, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.

Format: ebook

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Eleanor “Ellie” Owen has left Chicago in a hurry, but not before putting great thought and planning into her escape.  She’s been subpoenaed to testify against her abusive, drug trafficking ex-boyfriend and is terrified that he or one of his friends, including a corrupt police officer, will act on their escalating threats should she testify for the prosecution.  Renting a house in Wyattville, Oregon, under an assumed name seems like a good idea until she almost immediately catches the eye of local sheriff Tyson Wyatt. Wyattville is typical of most small towns, where everyone knows their neighbors – and their neighbors’ business. Tyson’s family and the local townspeople aren’t shy about butting in and trying to match the two.  But the closer Tyson gets the more distant Ellie becomes, leaving both frustrated and confused.

Wyatt feels certain that Ellie is hiding something but she’s not talking. As their relationship intensifies, Tyson is more deeply bothered by her distrust. He has never fallen head over heels for someone in such a short amount of time but has no doubt that this could be the real thing, if only Ellie would trust him enough to tell him the truth. It angers him to think that someone could cause physical and emotional harm to someone as sweet as Ellie. Eventually, Ellie has to explain her painful, frightening past to Tyson, and the two work together to secure her safety in testifying.


GOING DOWN is a quick read but at no expense to the quality of the story. Ellie’s fear is believable and I feel certain it’s a fair example of the thoughts and actions of someone living in true fear. Tyson’s determination to find the truth is equally well written, and I appreciated that he wasn’t constantly hounding Ellie for the truth.  He was patient and kind, waiting for her to come to him with the truth. Townspeople and Tyson’s family are secondary characters that add to the delicious richness of the storytelling. I give GOING DOWN a strong recommendation and encourage anyone who hasn’t read any of Shelli Stevens’ work to give her a try.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Laurie

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