Going Home
By Sarah W
Dec 14, 2006 - 11:36:00 AM

It has been a tough year and Lizzy Walter is looking forward to the holiday season. She is happy about seeing her family and returning to the ancestral home, Keeper House. Her mom and dad, sister Jess, cousin Tom, Aunt Kate, and Aunt Chin are the most important people in her life and she is happy about the chance to spend more time with them. Unfortunately, the holidays are not turning out to be as jolly as normal. Not only is Lizzy’s ex-boyfriend, David Eliot, in town, but Lizzy receives some disturbing news about the house she has always called home.

Keeper House is for sale! It is a dismal situation that cannot seem to be avoided unfortunately. How can the family survive the loss of their beloved home, the place of so many memories? Lizzy has already lived through one heartbreak, losing David. She is not sure if she can survive losing Keeper House, too. With her family on the outs with each other, and the impending sale of the house looming in the future, can Lizzy find the strength to make the most of what she does have left and perhaps find new opportunities for love and laughter?


GOING HOME tackles the sentimental topic of losing the one vital memorable monument to family and childhood: home. Lizzy experiences regrets, heartache, anger, and a variety of other emotions after learning about the possible loss in her future. She copes well though. She is a bright and cheerful personality who does not allow herself to be beaten by the odds. She takes action and tries to find ways to save Keeper House, and to save her increasingly antagonistic family. Harriet Evans pens interesting and likable characters in a situation any reader should be able to relate to. The struggles were realistic and were handled well. Lizzy is probably the best part of this story. Her warm personality keeps this story going even when it seems that a solution to love or to the house dilemma is impossible. GOING HOME is an engaging and pleasant story of the struggles life throws at us and how we deal with them. Lizzy will not let you down!

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