Going Topless

Author: Megan McAndrew

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: June 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Constance Wright and her new boyfriend, Jim are headed to the island of Santerre.  Constance's father, Ross died a year ago, and one of his final wishes was for a memorial to spread his ashes on the Mediterranean.  Ross has left his family with many debts, and the family tries to recover from the loss.  Constance hopes to raise her status in the family with her boyfriend, because he has a very nice job.  Things get very surprising when Jim starts having feelings for another woman in the household.  When Philippe, a writer moves in next door, Constance feels an immediate attraction for him, and things start to heat up between them.

Constance has one sister and two stepsisters, and everyone is vying for attention.  This is quite the family, and you won't be bored with GOING TOPLESS.  These sisters have a lot to learn about each other and about their father.  What will happen to Constance and Jim?  Read this well-written story to find out about this crazy family. 

GOING TOPLESS is Megan McAndrew's debut novel, and she has done a beautiful job.  The setting is well described and any reader will be able to feel the atmosphere that McAndrew strives for.  I look forward to the next adventure from this very talented author.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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