Going in Circles
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 16, 2011 - 4:57:12 AM

Amber Jones knows all about ‘playa’s.’  After all her brother Bruce takes great pride in his ‘skills’ with the ladies and has even formed a elite ‘posse’ which consists of several of the starring standouts on the UC Berkley football team.  While the men may have their little handbook for the underlings who want or need some playa skills, Amber is sure she can use her own skills to snag herself one playa in particular and convert him to a one woman man.

Marcus Emerson doesn’t deny he’s thoroughly enjoyed his status as a playa but once he catches a glimpse of a picture of Amber he knows the days of playing the field are dwindling.  Oh sure, Bruce has declared his sister off limits but there’s no denying the romantic feelings Marcus has for her – and all the rules listed in the Playa’s Guide for Dummies are suddenly forgotten as he falls in love for the first time.


Amber and Marcus’s whirlwind romance is sweet and innocent and full of promise of a happy future together - eventually.  Amber was only visiting her brother at Berkley but she intends to enroll at a Merritt College and move to the area in February.  Unfortunately Christmas means she must return home to her family and she won’t have many opportunities to see Marcus until her big move.  Dreams of a life together bolster their spirits until an unexpected tragedy changes Amber’s life forever. 


For twelve long years, Amber and Marcus remain separated due to circumstances beyond their control but can the heart ever forget the one person who made your heart beat faster?  For Amber and Marcus the answer is no but can they get past the troubles that kept them separated in the first place?


 GOING IN CIRCLES is a fun and thrilling emotionally driven romance that grabs readers by the heartstrings and holds you captive until the very end.  I fell in love with all the ‘playas’ and their cheesy pickup lines and especially adore Bruce (there’s a scene where he’s admiring himself in the mirror that had me cracking up laughing).  My heart broke for Amber whose hopes, dreams and safe, loving existence are shattered in an instant.  She’s such a strong, vivacious character that you just want her to get her happily-ever-after.  Marcus is just as loveable but he’s left in the dark on many of the facts that lead to his separation from Amber so your heart really goes out to him as well.  L.A. Hollis’s book GOING IN CIRCLES combines realistic characters and heart wrenching situations with a timeless romance and the results are nothing less than spectacular. 

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