Going to the Chapel: Four Funerals and a Wedding
By Sherri Myers
Jun 15, 2007 - 3:04:27 PM

While growing up in Blythe, California, Julie White had always felt inferior to her rich, spoiled cousin, Elaine, who was always giving her "The Look".   She knew she would never measure up to Elaine's high-classed standards, so she had pretty much given up even trying.   But now Elaine is getting married, and since her wedding planner just ran away with all of her money, everyone is looking to Julie to save the day for her cousin.

The problem is that Julie hasn't been exactly 100% honest with her family.   She had led them on to think she had gotten a fabulous job herself as a wedding planner in Hollywood, when in actuality she is really working in a funeral home.   Is there any way Julie can come to her cousin's rescue without anyone finding out where she actually works?

Janet Tronstad is the best-selling author of Steeple Hill's DRY CREEK series, but is a new author for me.   GOING TO THE CHAPEL is a sometimes funny, sometimes sad look at one woman's attempts to measure up to what other people think she should be.   When she finally learns to accept herself as she is, she opens the door to life and love as never before.   I enjoyed reading about Julie and what happens when she comes to believe in herself, and hope to read another of Ms. Tronstad's books soon.

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