Golden Man
By Sarah W
Dec 6, 2006 - 10:06:00 AM

Johnny Wilson and Eric Mendez are closer than ever. They are even making tentative steps to move in together. It has not been easy as Johnny is still new to the gay BDSM scene, but he loves Eric and wants to please him. With his brother making overtures of friendship again, Johnny has high hopes that life will settle down.

Eric is very happy with his relationship with Johnny. He worries though that Johnny will get sick of him or fall in love with someone else. It is hard trusting his heart so easily to a man so new to his sexuality. With new tensions arriving in the form of interfering parents, past lovers, and new attractions, Eric and Johnny have their relationship put to the test. Will they communicate and work out their issues or will the love they claim is so strong wither away?

GOLDEN MAN is the sequel to Ms. Thompson’s story, GOLDEN BOY. In this story, there is a genuine maturation in Johnny and Eric’s relationship. Some of the newness has worn off and they are now dealing with the realities of a committed gay relationship. There are new difficulties, but there are also some fun and outrageous moments in their relationship. I really enjoyed watching them settle into a life together, reading about Johnny’s continued growth in the D/s scene, and more importantly, I felt these two really and truly became partners in the best sense of the word. They were not only lovers and friends, but they were willing to put forth the effort, the emotion, and the trust to truly bond together. Claire Thompson has penned another stirring love story. I admired the balance of love, sex and real life problems that were plotted out in GOLDEN MAN.

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