Gone In Flames
By dina smith
Aug 23, 2003 - 1:11:00 AM

When all the kids on the school bus started shouting at 10 year old Rex Thornhill that his house was on fire he was not worried at all. His dad had told him that he was going to burn the old house down as soon as they moved into the new one. Rex was so excited he ran all the way to the new house only to find all the doors were locked and the house was still empty. Only when he heard the screams inside the burning house did he realize what had happened and ran to the neighbors for help. Even as Mrs. Harper was telling him everything was going to be ok Rex knew his family was gone.

The Harper’s took Rex in and raised him like he was one of their own even though they had 3 children already. Their son Jeremy and Rex were best friends, and then there was Hettie and Arlene. As the years went by Rex and Arlene began to have feelings for each other and what starts out as just a little hugging and kissing soon turns into much more. When Arlene gets worried she might be pregnant Rex starts to worry what the Harper’s are going to say about their relationship and if they will send him away. Rex wonders if he can stand to lose another family.


Mrs. Boruk did a remarkable job writing this story all from Rex’s point of view. I really enjoyed reading this emotional story and look forward to reading more of LaVonne Boruk’s books.

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