Gone With The Nerd
By Billie Jo
Sep 1, 2005 - 8:36:00 PM

Zoe Tarleton is a larger than life movie star.  She loves her career but is tired of doing roles that portray her as a sex symbol.  She wants the respect of being a serious actress that she so richly deserves.  When she decides to audition for the role of a nerdy alchemist, she enlists the help from the only nerd she knows, her attorney, Flynn.  She convinces him to go away with her for a weekend to a remote town where no one will recognize her.  Zoe knows that he is the only person who can prepare her for the role of a nerd.  But she is having a hard time concentrating on the script because the chemistry between them is blistering.  Will Zoe finally find the love she has always desired in a man who is her complete opposite?

Flynn Granger is a sexy, brainy and successful lawyer.  He is considered a nerd.  He has scheduled his life right down to the last minute, even the upcoming proposal to his girlfriend, but when Zoe approaches him to help her learn the behaviors of a nerd, he knows his orderly life is going to be turned upside down.  Flynn thinks he loves his girlfriend, but he is about to find out that the desire he harbors for Zoe is much more dangerous and passionate.  Will Flynn throw caution to the wind and take a chance on love that could prove to be chaotic?  Or will he stick with his schedule and marry a woman who is 'right' for him? 


GONE WITH THE NERD is humorous, spunky, sexy and an all around fun read.  Vicki Lewis Thompson has penned another charming tale that is bound to be at the top of the selling list for months.  GONE WITH THE NERD is a page turner that will have you laughing and reaching for the fan to cool yourself down with.  Zoe and Flynn are vibrant characters that you will fall in love with.  Zoe is spunky, outrageous, disorganized and loves to spend money.  Flynn is down to earth, conscientious of spending money and very organized.  Ms. Thompson does a beautiful job taking these opposite characters and turning their love into a beautiful fairy tale.  GONE WITH THE NERD gives the old adage "opposites attract" a whole new meaning.  Bravo Ms. Thompson for another entertaining read.   

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