Good-time Boys: Garron’s Gift

Author: Carol Lynne

Publisher: Total E-Bound

Release Date: August 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Garron Greeley couldn’t be happier.  He has a man in his life whom he loves, a great job and wonderful friends.   For the most part his relationship with Sonny is accepted amongst the local community but there are a few men who seem to enjoy harassing the couple.   Garron and Sonny aren’t ashamed of their feelings.   In fact, Sonny wants to show his love for Garron in a commitment ceremony during a party for Garron’s thirty-sixth birthday.  

Despite Rawley’s, the town sheriff and Sonny’s brother, concern over the escalating violence being directed at Sonny and Garron the happy couple choose to proceed with plans for their commitment ceremony.   The day of the ceremony arrives and the preacher who was supposed to officiate over the ceremony backs out.   Gay marriages aren’t legal anyway so Sonny and Garron decide to go ahead with their vows to each other and their ceremony and subsequent party is everything they could have ever hoped for but their happiness is short lived.   As they’re leaving The Zone to enjoy the first night of their lives together a horrifying act of violence almost ends their ‘marriage’ before it’s even begun.


Garron and his new brother-in-law Rawley set out to prove the identity of the perpetrator of the hate crime but bringing him to justice is going to be challenging because his father’s powerful and willing to cover up as much of his son’s crimes as possible.   Through it all, Garron is faced with adjusting to the unexpected reality of loving a man with a brain injury while trying to help bring his attacker, who believes he’s above the law, to justice.   Will Garron be able to have his happily ever after or will a malicious act steal it from him?


GARRON’S GIFT is the second book in Carol Lynne’s GOOD-TIME BOYS series and it allows readers to continue immersing themselves in Garron and Sonny’s romance as well as learn more about the relationships of the other characters we met in SONNY’S SALVATION.   I could have cried for Garron and Sonny.   They’re so happy together and to have all that threatened because of prejudices is just devastating.    Carol Lynne does an amazing job bringing these characters to life and drawing the reader into the storyline so that you’re unable to put each book down until you’ve read every succulent page.


The GOOD-TIME BOYS series consists of four separate books which are meant to be read in order and really flow beautifully from one book to the next.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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