Good-time Boys: Rawley’s Redemption
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 17, 2007 - 4:05:53 PM

Rawley Good’s investigation into his brother Sonny’s shooting has resulted in him unjustly being fired from his position as town sheriff.   Up until now he’s lived for the job and denied his true sexual nature but there’s nothing to keep him from continuing to deny his love for rancher Jeb Greeley.   There’s just one little problem - Rawley’s used to being in control and Jeb doesn’t need a caretaker, he needs a partner and lover - nothing else is going to be acceptable to him.

Jeb Greeley owns the ranch neighboring Good’s family ranch and he’s made no secret of his feelings for Rawley since they first met but he’s not willing to be a dirty secret or take a back seat to Rawley’s law career.  


Rawley has been able to keep his sexual preferences a secret because of an agreement with his friend Meg in which they pretended to be dating each other so that neither of them have to deal with dating.   It’s time for the deception to end.   Rawley’s ready to admit to his love for Jeb but he’s also determined to continue with his investigation into his brother’s shooting and the rest of the corruption he’s beginning to become aware of in Summerville. Jeb views Rawley’s excluding him in the details of the investigation as an attempt to keep their relationship safely in the background.   Jeb wants to be a part of every aspect of Rawley’s life.   If their relationship is going to work then Rawley may have to admit that he needs a little help because he’s never been in a ‘real relationship’ before and doesn’t seem to be getting much right.   Will Rawley find a way to accept Jeb on equal footing before he loses the man he’s come to love?


Carol Lynne continues her GOOD-TIME BOYS series with the third addition - RAWLEY’S REDEMPTION.   I’ve been fascinated by Riley since we first met him in SONNY’S SALVATION and GARRON’S GIFT allowed more insight into his character that had me really anxious to read his story.   There’s no doubt that Riley and Jeb are meant for each other but they have some serious issues they have to get past if there’s any chance for them to have a happily-ever after.   This book has lots of great scenes which not only had me anticipating the next book in this series - TWIN TEMPTATIONS but also looking forward to an entirely new series for some of the other characters who lent their aid in bringing justice to Summerville - CATTLE VALLEY.

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