Good-time Boys: Sonny’s Salvation
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 17, 2007 - 4:23:51 PM

Sonny Good chose to give up a job he loved with the FBI in order to return to Summerville after his father’s death.   He’s taken over the running of the family ranch.   It's not a decision he made lightly and he doesn't regret it, but the small town is rather isolated and for an openly gay male there just aren’t many prospects.

Garron Greeley works as a bartender at the local hangout and he's also the brother of the neighboring rancher who now owns the property bordering the Flying G.   No doubt about it - with his tattoos and longer hair, Garron is a rebel and he's exactly the type of man Sonny finds attractive.


Sonny's attraction to Garron is immediate and all consuming.   At first he knows nothing about Garron besides his first name and the fact that he’s the bartender at The Zone.   Since business at The Zone is slow, Sonny invites Garron to join him while he eats, the last thing he expects is for Garron to put it all on the line by mentioning that he’s heard that Sonny might be looking for a bed warmer and he’d like to apply for the position.   What follows is an exciting episode in the vacant bar and Sonny invites Garron to his place when he gets off work.   It's only when Garron reveals that his brother owns the neighboring ranch that Sonny realizes exactly who Garron is and has to decide if he truly wants to get involved with the brother of a man he felt 'stole' the property he wanted out from under him.


SONNY’S SALVATION is the first book in Carol Lynne's GOOD-TIME BOYS series.   This series encompasses the lives of four brothers as they search and find love and friendship in small town America.   In SONNY’S SALVATION readers are treated to memorable lust between Sonny and Garron that quickly evolves into a romance that will have you holding your breath waiting to find out what will happen with this couple.   I was completely charmed by Sonny and the little we learn about his brothers and am thrilled to report that the other books in this series are just as enchanting so be sure that you pick up the whole series.   Believe me, they're definitely worth it!

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