Good-time Boys: Twin Temptations
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2007 - 10:04:03 AM

Twin brothers Ryker and Ranger Good have a special relationship which they’ve shared practically since birth.   Their relationship is something that leads to their leaving home at the age of eighteen and keeping to themselves for the most part.   Now in their thirties, they’re ready to make a commitment to the one woman they desire.   The simple fact that Lilly is so much younger is the only reason they chose to wait – to give her a chance to experience life before they stake their claim.

Lilly Bevin has made no secret of her love for Ryker and Ranger over the years but not once have they ever given her any indication that they’re interested in her.   She’s tired of waiting.   She’s twenty-one years old and tired of watching as life passes her by while waiting for her love to be returned.   Since working at the town bar, THE ZONE, doesn’t seem to be proving that she’s adult enough to take them on yet so maybe dating will get their attention.


Lilly has gone out of her way to be near Ryker and Ranger over the years and they’ve never been rude to her before.   While dropping off some corn from her mother, Lilly walks in on Ryker and Ranger in what appears to be a compromising situation.   This time Ranger snaps at her and really hurts her feelings.   Immediately afterward both men agree that Lilly deserves an apology and maybe it’s time to level with her regarding their feelings for her.   It’s decided that Ranger will go talk to her but when he does, Lilly lays it on the line for him - she’s tired of waiting for them and as far as she’s concerned, they can either ‘make the offer, or butt out of her business’ and she’s going to live life to the fullest and do exactly what she wants.   Her attitude isn’t what Ranger had expected and he hasn’t the faintest idea what to do now.   Apparently their sweetheart has teeth and isn’t afraid to use them.   While there’s no denying that R&R want Lilly, how will bringing her into a relationship with them affect their established relationship with one another? They’ve never invited anyone to join them before.   


I fully admit that it was the simple fact that this book contains a relationship involving twins that captured my interest.   As I read through the books of this series I was able to develop a better understanding of the twins and their unusual relationship.   While I had anticipated finding their relationship distasteful, I found myself empathizing with them and the emotional issues that develop due to their decision to bring Lilly into their lives and their bedroom.   I eagerly read every word of TWIN TEMPTATIONS and loved how I was able to ‘feel’ the emotions of each of the characters as they came together in this most unique storyline


Carol Lynne’s GOOD-TIME BOYS may very well be my favorite series that I’ve read this year.   I’d highly suggest reading the entire series in order simply because each story flows into the next and the characters ‘grow’ on you and will leave a lasting impression.  Beautifully written Ms. Lynne!


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