Good Girls Don't
By Sarah W
Aug 23, 2011 - 11:03:01 AM

Tessa Donovan loves her two big brothers, Jamie and Eric. She just wishes they did not fight so much. She will do anything to preserve the family she has left, even if that means being in cahoots with Jamie. They have a secret they need to hide from Eric, a secret that could potentially ruin the big deal he is working on for Donovan Brothers Brewery. Certainly Tessa can keep this one small thing hidden from her brother. Unfortunately, that problem is compounded by something worse. When Donovan Brothers Brewery is broken into, suddenly more problems (like identity theft!) are on the table.

Detective Luke Asher has been assigned to figure out who is breaking into local Boulder businesses and stealing computers. It is not the high danger job he had while living in L.A., but he likes Boulder and keeping it a safe community. He also likes Tessa Donovan, a lot. Unfortunately her brothers have no trouble in warning him away from her sweet smile and cheery greetings. But Tessa is a woman with her own mind and she wants Luke. She likes how dedicated he is to his job and how he is trying to protect his pregnant partner, Simone, from more scrutiny on the force. Tessa just plain likes him. But as she gets deeper into hiding things from her family, will she start to lose trust in even the most innocent of men?

GOOD GIRLS DON’T is the first book in Victoria Dahl’s new Donovan Brothers Brewery series. It is a family-orientated series as the three siblings have had to rely on each other since the death of their parents when Tessa was still a teenager. These three love each other but they also get on each other’s nerves. Tessa wants to rescue Eric and Jamie before their constant bickering creates a permanent break. She is truly goodhearted if a bit too involved in her brother’s lives. Thankfully, Luke is on the scene to rescue her from that. He is a bit taciturn but a true good guy. When you think of sterling cops, who serve their communities with dedication, Luke Asher will come to mind. Like Tessa, he is a bit of a protector so these two definitely clash. Fortunately, it only adds to their sexual chemistry and their growing closeness with each other. Luke is not all doom and gloom but he definitely needed a bit of Tessa’s more optimistic personality in his life.

GOOD GIRLS DON’T is a strong start to this series. The flames are scorching between Luke and Tessa but perhaps even better is the fact these two are so good for each other. They get to know each other, have fun dates together, banter, have moments of mistrust and more. It feels like the kind of relationship your girlfriend would tell you about. Victoria Dahl always draws me into her stories with genuine and true-to-life characters and GOOD GIRLS DON’T is no exception. Beer and sexy men only add to the ambiance of this fun contemporary romance!

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