Good Heavens
By Sherri Myers
May 8, 2004 - 4:15:00 PM

Plucky Esmeralda is a childless, long-time widow living in Live Oaks, South Carolina, looking forward to living her retirement years in peace and quiet. Living in a relatively crime-free neighborhood, Esmeralda is surprised when a friend named Dr. Elsie asks her to be housemother to a halfway house for adult female addicts. Sincerely believing God wants her to trust and obey Him, Esmeralda accepts the position and soon is on her way to Priscilla Home in North Carolina.

Finding the house in need of more than just a housemother upon her arrival, Esmeralda sets about getting the home in order. Spending her own money to fill the empty shelves with food is just a starting place for Esmeralda. Many bills are overdue and the young director Ursula is way over her head with keeping the home running smoothly. Using the wisdom of "Splurgeon" and her own lifetime of common sense, Esmeralda sets about straightening out the mixed-up affairs of Priscilla Home. Will she succeed in turning the place around, or will she give up in frustration when it turns into more of a mess than she can even imagine? Will Esmeralda even find love at Priscilla Home?


Margaret A. Graham introduced Esmeralda in the book entitled MERCY ME, but GOOD HEAVENS can stand by itself quite well. I really enjoyed the feisty character of Esmeralda, who by her own admission has only gone to school through the eighth grade. With wisdom found through a lifetime of living and a strong faith in God, Esmeralda soon finds a loving place in the reader's heart. Ms. Graham blends humor and the seriousness of drug addiction to give us an amazingly enjoyable book called GOOD HEAVENS. I highly recommend this as a wonderful read you won't be able to put down.

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