Good Intentions
By Angel
May 1, 2006 - 11:02:00 AM

Jarrah has a new home and hopes to build a new life for herself.  When she meets her neighbor, Twain, she knows she is in for major trouble.  She can't help but be drawn in by his sexy persona and good boy nature, but does she want to get involved with anyone?  Worse yet, what's a sexy single man doing living up in the woods by himself?  Is Jarrah is about to watch her good intentions go up in smoke?

The last thing Twain wants is a new neighbor, but when his dog goes bounding over there, he has to go after him.  When he meets Jarrah, his thoughts about neighbors quickly change.  Jarrah is unlike any woman he has ever known and he can't help but want to know her better.  Can he let his guard down enough to let Jarrah in, or will he wind up pushing her away?


There is plenty going on in this book to keep the reader happily entertained.  Twain is a loner and likes being by himself -- or so he thinks.  Jarrah is intent on getting herself together and starting to live life to the fullest.  When these two get together watch out because the sparks are gonna fly.  The love scenes are sensual with plenty of romance added in.  Rebecca Williams is a talented writer and this book is sure to get her plenty of compliments.


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