Good Luck
By Sarah W
Apr 3, 2009 - 7:35:15 PM

Lucy Parker has just been fired from her teaching job because, according to a student, she made inappropriate sexual advances towards him. Lucy is agog that something so unbelievable is happening to her. Unfortunately, the school is siding with the student and Lucy is out of a job. The day just gets worse from there because when she arrives home, she finds her commitment-phobic boyfriend having sex with another woman. There is nothing that could make this day get better. As if in a haze, Lucy buys a lottery ticket only to discover she is the winner of eighty-seven million dollars. Talk about a luck upswing!

Or, is it? Is winning the lottery all it’s cracked up to be, especially when Lucy becomes known as the Lottery Seductress. Suddenly requests for money are coming at her, her best friend is not talking to her, and Lucy just needs to get away. She heads to Palm Beach where hopefully luck will truly be on her side.


GOOD LUCK is a story of everyone’s favorite fantasy: winning the lottery. Who would not like to solve all their problems with a windfall of money? Endless shopping, philanthropy, the options for a life of ease are all there, but as Lucy finds out, that does not mean she is any happier than when she was just a hardworking teacher. Suddenly people are trying to take advantage of her. Lucy has a good heart and she wants to help people. She has a good head on her shoulders but at the same time, she can be a tad too softhearted for her own good. Luckily, there is a man, a very attractive man in fact, who is hoping to show Lucy that love and happiness are within her grasp, if she is not afraid to go after them. Lucy gets her head turned around a bit in this story, but then, who would not after winning so much money? Lucky for her, she has the tenacity to stick up for herself and once she works out what she really wants, she is unafraid to go after it. Whitney Gaskell does a good job of painting a picture of the good and the bad that comes with winning the lottery. Family and friends, such simple pleasures, become a lot more complicated when there are millions of dollars involved.


GOOD LUCK features a likable protagonist who stumbles a few times but picks herself up to find the true luck she has been searching for. Whitney Gaskell brings on laughter, smiles, and heck, more fantasies of winning the lottery!

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