Good With His Hands
By Sarah W
Sep 4, 2006 - 5:54:00 AM

Pepper Bartlett has had it with men. The last man she was dating failed to tell her he was married. Now, she’s determined to find Mr. Right, but she’s going about it in a most creative way. Pepper placed an ad at a dating website. Her one caveat: no blue collar men. While she’s received some positive responses so far, her most favorite response is Jake Hunter. He’s an architect, a very handsome architect and so far, it’s been a positive beginning. But can it last?


Jake Hunter is a man with a painful past. He’s not quite ready to start dating yet, but Malibu Miss’s ad intrigues him enough that he takes the bet his friends offer. He pretends to be an architect in order to get to know Pepper, and almost immediately regrets the lies and deceptions because he genuinely likes her. He doesn’t want the lies in the way. But now that Pepper knows Jake the architect, will she ever want to know the real Jake? Will she be able to forgive him?


GOOD WITH HIS HANDS features a heroine with an attitude and a hero with some issues. Together, they actually create a fairly intriguing story. The little snippets of Jake’s background that Ms. Darin drops throughout the story make the reader want to finish just to find out exactly what happened in Jake’s past to make him take such a long dating hiatus. Pepper’s struggle to find “The One” is something just about any woman can relate to. Her enthusiasm for the search is both amusing and energizing because it shows how she takes charge of her life. She’s not going to let love pass her by. An abundance of secondary characters add flaws, humor, and pleasant secondary plots to this story. All in all, Ms. Darin shows some real intriguing promise as a writer and storyteller.

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